Decoding the Startup World: Answers to Our Polyglot4Web Quiz


Hello Qualifast community!

Last Thursday, the Polyglot4Web Conference was buzzing with energy, and our Qualifast booth was right at the heart of it. We were thrilled to see 80 participants take on our quiz, diving deep into the world of startups. While many showcased impressive knowledge, not everyone got all the answers right. In fact, only one participant managed to ace all 10 questions - a testament to the challenging nature of our quiz! So, for everyone's benefit, here's a breakdown of the quiz with the correct answers highlighted.

Who exactly is an "angel investor"?

  • Correct Answer: A person investing his own capital, rather than acting as a representative of an investment organization.

  • An employee of the company that also invests money in it.

  • This is a fictional character like the tooth fairy that we pray to when capital is not coming from anywhere.

  • Special type of investor that has never violated any of the ten commandments.

Which of these is essential for every startup?

  • Correct Answer: At least one business owner.

  • VC investment.

  • Translation in English.

  • Inhouse tech team.

In the startup world, what does "exit" signify?

  • Correct Answer: The situation we all strive for: IPO or acquisition.

  • Business bankruptcy.

  • To always leave yourself a way out of your enterprise.

  • Being fired for stealing investors' money.

Which Bulgarian city is known for its thriving IT and startup community, often referred to as the "Silicon Valley of Bulgaria"?

  • Correct Answer: Sofia.

  • Bansko.

  • Varna.

  • Plovdiv.

Which Bulgarian startup became the first unicorn (a company valued at over $1 billion) in the country?

  • Correct Answer: Payhawk.

  • Enhancv.

  • Transmetrics.

  • Telerik.

Before diving into a new digital product idea, what's the initial step you should take?

  • Correct Answer: Search for existing products solving the same problem.

  • Pitch the idea in front of investors.

  • Think of a catchy name and branding.

  • Go on and implement it.

What's the primary purpose of "user testing"?

  • Correct Answer: Validating with actual or potential users the concept and approach to the product.

  • When the users start trying to hack into your system.

  • Sending the users of the application a questionnaire, checking if they fully understand its functionality.

  • Testing if the users are fully healthy.

Arrange the following investment rounds in the typical order they occur for startups:

  • Correct Answer: Seed Funding, Series A, Series B, Series C.

  • Series A, Seed Funding, Series B, Series C.

  • Series C, Series B, Series A, Seed Funding.

  • Series A, Series B, Series C, Seed Funding.

How do you differentiate between a potentially shippable product (PSP) and a minimum viable product (MVP)?

  • Correct Answer: MVP is a special case of PSP.

  • You either target one or the other.

  • Once we get to MVP, we can start thinking about getting to PSP too.

  • PSP is for physical goods sent via ships, MVP is a digital term.

Which of these topics is currently less appealing to investors?

  • Correct Answer: Social networks.

  • Agrotech.

  • Artificial Intelligence.

  • Blockchain.

A Glimpse into Polyglot4Web

The Polyglot4Web Conference was more than just another event for us. It was an opportunity to connect, learn, and share. 

Qualifast not only played a pivotal role as a gold sponsor, but our very own CEO, Boris Strandjev, took the stage to deliver an insightful session on Angular Universal, a powerful tool that allows for server-side rendering, enabling the initialization of interactions. Despite being available since Angular 4, it remains relatively underutilized by many Angular developers. This technology, while offering significant benefits, also introduces a level of complexity that Boris expertly navigated.

Want to start with Angular Universal? Then follow the guide:

         > ng add @nguniversal/express-engine

         > Enable client hydration

         > npm run dev:ssr

That’s it!

For those who took the quiz, we hope this post provides clarity. And for those who missed out, here's a taste of what went down at the Qualifast booth. Stay connected for more insights, updates, and events from the world of Qualifast.

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