User Feedback Recorder for Sonar is Now Live

We are proud to announce the release of the Sonar user feedback recorder applications for iOS and Android - available now in the Play Store and App Store.
Sonar is an open and intelligent platform that can be used by anybody in an organization to design, collect, analyze and share video-based user research. Born out of UserTribe – the leading customer centricity consultancy in the Nordics, their goal is to scale human insights by reducing time to insight and the human resource required to do user research. Sonar leverages a vast dataset to build and continuously optimize AI solutions and automation. This enables their customers to produce more research, improve data quality and reduce time to insight.

The mobile applications enable the user groups of Sonar to share their thoughts on digital products with ease. The feedback is collected in the form of an interview and their interactions with websites or apps are recorded right on their smartphone.

To learn more about Sonar, visit their website at: