Best Software Developer for Startups in the Technology Innovator Awards 2021


Startups have become an important part of the world’s business economy, but they often require unique solutions in terms of execution and scaling. Our Qualifast team has a strong record of supporting Bulgaria’s startup industry when it comes to digital solutions, and we are proud to share that we were recognised in this year’s Technology Innovator Awards as Best Software Developer for Startups in Bulgaria. 

Great software can revolutionize a business, offering customers a unique service that goes above and beyond, but this software can only be created if there is an incredible vision matched with leading talent and expertise. When a client comes to us, they come to a small team that is always focused on a limited number of cases. Because all the skills required are in-house, Qualifast can shape ideas, create new concepts and designs as well as building and deploying the solutions. Great creations take a lot of effort, and it often pays to have the same people working on it throughout to ensure consistency.

The weight of creating such a comprehensive solution means that it’s our mission to solve the common technical challenges that befall many of these projects, in order to focus on the attributes that make a digital solution unique. One of the proudest achievements for us is our modularized approach to building web & mobile apps from scratch. Each module encapsulates functionality common to most systems, implemented natively for each platform. The results are smooth, efficient and often bug-free.

When working in the startup sector, Bulgaria is not always the first place that people think of. The benefit to working in this region for us is that it is an ecosystem that is growing rapidly. The success of Qualifast within the industry has resulted in more work from more clients, which is excellent for the development of our company.

Working with so many different clients might be overwhelming for some organizations, but we built our name around working in a way that is lean and flexible. Processes are designed to be light-weight and able to adapt swiftly to the needs of the client. As a result, each project is treated as its own unique entity, while also building effortlessly on the basics that the team have championed since the start.

Looking ahead, we intend to expand our portfolio. There is enormous demand for our services, and this has enabled growth for our talented team. The addition of more like-minded, full-stack professionals will allow us to take on more projects for clients while retaining the same quality of work for which we have become renowned as Best Software Developer for Startups 2021 in the Technology Innovator Awards. The work that the team at Qualifast does shows this clearly, offering a way forward for businesses that is second-to-none.