Rees: Career coaching for everyone, developed by Qualifast

A new exciting initiative we've been working on lately was the career coach of Rees. The target of this product is to provide a platform through which any kind of a worker can get insights of his career path: up until now and also what are the sensible future steps. Sean Echevarria is the mastermind behind this idea, but through his positive attitude and inexhaustible energy he quickly onboarded multiple experts in product development, marketing and coaching in his team. Luckily, he also mentioned his technological needs to the right people, who referred him to Qualifast. We quickly found out that we are a perfect fit for each other and in a matter of a couple of months we went through several product iterations until we got to a version we considered fit for a public beta. It can be accessed at this address: .

As the product is accessible only through a subscription here is a very quick glimpse of what we have done: