Complete revamp for Sphinx real estate credit brokers' systems

Since the beginning of the year we started working with the French Real estate brokerage company Sphinx. The system Sphinx brokerage were using to run their business and interact with their customers was ancient, not user-friendly and its architecture and technological setup was hindering any further improvement and enhancement. Our task was to implement their applications anew, giving them modern look and using proper architecture and design that will enable adding new features and extensions.

For this undertaking we partnered with Tinqin, who took responsibility for the UI design and BA of the project. Our partnership with Tinqin proved fruitful and Sphinx brokerage got a completely new look of their system, with greatly improved UX, mobile-friendliness of the web pages and modern technological setup, including cloud deployment. This revamp is easily observable on Sphinx's new website, but even more so in their brokerage web application.

We have already released the initial versions of the application, but we continue building up with the new features in frequent new releases.