Android functional testing made easy with Kotlin @ Hopper

Yesterday our CEO Boris Strandjev took part as a lecturer in Hopper tech talk. Qualifast is partnering with Hopper in a strive of improving code architecture and structure of their Android app. The ultimate goal is improved maintainability and extensibility. As the plans are for significant code rewrite and reshuffle, the team will need to guard against regressions and, thus, automated test suite came in as mandatory.

In his talk, Boris told us about the tool of choice for achieving this task (UIAutomator). Additionally, he listed a great deal of extensions and customizations over the basic framework that improved the efficiency of writing tests. Hopper is incredibly successful application, with millions of users. Thus it is not surprising they are willing to invest in improving quality and in paving the way of further features and extensions. What came in as a pleasant surprise was the level of engagement and interest in the audience. It is very often that automated testing is neglected when mobile application is developed. However, as people get to know the basic stepping stones in building a test suite, we believe more will dare it. Hopefully, this will make more of us as successful as Hopper.